Amber Ferguson is a video producer and editor at The Washington Post. She reports largely on breaking news, education and immigration issues for the Metro section. Previously, Amber worked as the overnight video editor at The Post where she wrote stories on the strippers strike in New York City, the fatal ‘Blue Whale’ online challenge and an enterprise story about a group of women who formed a unique sisterhood after marrying men in wheelchairs. After graduating from The University of Maryland, Amber worked at HuffPost as a Politics video editor for three years. Email:


Go-go music returns to Shaw’s Metro PCS store after #DontMuteDC protests (April 10, 2019)

How Ocasio-Cortez and others pushed Amazon out of New York (Feb. 14, 2019)

Batya Sperling Milner, who is blind, spent months preparing for her orthodox Jewish bat mitzvah. She rehearsed her ceremony thanks to new technology that allowed her to recite the Torah chant. (Jan. 14, 2019)


Normandy high school HIV.jpg

This high school was rocked by an HIV scare 10 years ago

A decade ago, at least 50 students at an urban St. Louis high school were exposed to HIV. Here’s what happened in the years since. (Published Nov. 30, 2018)

Halsey shampoo.jpg

Singer Halsey stirs debate over hotels offering only ‘white people shampoo’

Singer and songwriter Halsey tweeted her frustrations about hotels not offering shampoo that is suitable for all hair types. The backlash and support was instant. (Published April 30, 2018)

Jackie Aina.png

Jackie Aina may teach you makeup skills, but really, she’s crusading for black women

YouTube star Jackie Aina uses her platform to advocate for inclusivity in the makeup industry and advancing the visibility of black women. (Published April 21, 2019)