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Why Olivia Pope Should Be Your Work Role Model

Olivia Pope is the ultimate stylish badass professional. Yes, she has character flaws and her plethora of personal issues, but you can’t deny she is a top-notch worker. Olivia handles every situation maturely and creatively. She’s always one (or multiple) steps ahead and at the end of the day she handles everything. So even if you’ve never watched the show, here are a few reasons why one of your work inspirations should be Olivia Pope.

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Get A Full-Ride Scholarship Without Having Straight A’s Or Playing A Sport

I think there’s this myth out there that you need to be a perfect student or a star athlete to receive a scholarship at a major university. And I think that’s a bunch of crap.

There is so much free money out there to fund people’s education but I see so many people not taking advantage of it. Yes, scholarships are competitive to get. But are they impossible to get if you’re just a regular person? Nope.


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