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How to be super prepared for a layoff

My story: After a couple years of working at HuffPost, I was so convinced I was going to get laid off. I loved my job and co-workers but sometimes you really need to read the writing on the wall and not ignore the signs in front of you in the hopes of being optimistic. In the end, despite all the rounds of layoffs at the company, I wasn’t let go but left for a better opportunity. I learned so much from seeing other people get laid off that I learned a truly valuable lesson.

Don’t be pessimistic about a potential layoff, be prepared.

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Why I’ll Never Put My Address On My Resume

When college and post-grad women send me their resume hoping for advice the first thing I tell them is to take their address off of their resume. Over the weekend I was watching ABC’s “20/20,” where former Fox anchor Gretchen Carlson was talking about her sexual harassment case. She walked through the various times in her career where she was sexually harassed by men in power offering her a journalism opportunity. Her words really resonated with me because it’s the main reason why I’ll never put my address on my resume.

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