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Three Ways To Regain Your Motivation When Everything Sucks

I think we can all agree that last year wasn’t the best for most of us. I had so many amazing career highs but a lot of lows as well. There was a period where I lost all motivation and was just going through the motions of my daily life.


I had to overcome my burnout and refocus where I put my energy. But in the end it was all worth it and I feel a lot better now. Hopefully these tips can help you gain back your motivation no matter what industry or situation you’re in.



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I Attempted To Unplug For Two Weeks And Never Felt More Free

This past year was real. Real stressful and real busy. I was not #winning; rather I feel like I was surviving. As the months went on it became abundantly clear that I had to get off this hamster wheel I was on.

This blog of mine has been a creative outlet for me while I covered the 2016 election but it wasn’t enough. Thankfully I was fortunate to take two weeks off from work to recharge and it really opened my eyes.

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