July 7, 2014

Being Happy vs. Being Content

As my birthday approaches, I've been reflecting on this past year. I realized that before this year, I was never really living. I would go places, meet people, and accomplish goals. But I was living my life contently, not happily. And I didn't know it.

Sometimes we can be so driven that we forget about our own happiness. I never set out to find happiness because I thought smiling in pictures was enough. The people I met and things I've experienced this year changed my life. The joy I found this year is indescribable. Multiple things have led me to discover true happiness and I'll share some of them with you:

1.) I learned how to love and care for someone beyond myself.

2.) Some people stopped being friends with me and I let them. I didn't chase after acceptance, friendship, or love anymore.

3.) I learned the true definition of what it means to struggle.

4.) I didn't accept every opportunity. I did what I felt was right in my heart.

5.) I learned to value genuine people around me.

6.) I changed my goals and accepted that my dreams might change as time goes on. Once I stopped holding onto a specific vision that I had for my future, I felt free.

7.) I learned that being independent doesn't mean having to be alone.

8.) I appreciate small moments. The kind of moments that no camera will ever capture.

I wake up with a smile. I wake up with purpose. I stopped going through my day and started living. It's remarkable as I look back at my victories, both big and small. I'm excited to see what this (happy) year brings and this time I promise, I will really start blogging more.

July 7, 2013

20 Lessons I Learned This Year

Obviously I am a terrible blogger because this is the first time I'm updating this in months. But hey a girls been busy. Forgive me.

Updates: I finished an amazing junior year at college, I have a remarkable internship, I've discovered my love of consignment shopping, and my
birthday's tomorrow!

This past year has been rocky at times, stressful, liberating, and life-changing. Here's a list a few things I learned:

1.) Step outside.

Sometimes the most outgoing people can remain in their own box. I went on a Spring Break trip to advocate against domestic violence. I remember in the beginning I was so hesitant to go even though I signed up and volunteered for it. I am so grateful that I took a leap of faith and went on the trip because it was the best experience of my life.

2.) Know the difference between being ambitious and motivated.

3.) Just because you miss someone doesn't mean you should re-open that door.

4.) Don't be too set on any one path.

5.) Keep the faith through the pain.

Sasha, my sister/best friend/cat suddenly died in December. It was devastating and I still miss her so much. I learned that she's in a better place and it was meant to happen.

6.) Speak up. Bring something meaningful to the table.

Observing is nice but I'm not sure where it really gets you. Ask questions, be a little too curious, and don't be silent. A little voice is better than no voice.

7.) Stop complaining if you continue to stay in negative situations.

8.) Do what makes you happy.

9.) Discouragement from others should become your encouragement. 

10.) Rejection can be such a blessing once we understand its meaning.

11.) Not every Youtube tutorial will work.

12.) Your hero should be similar to yourself.

My mom and my grandma are my hero's. I hope one day I can become a hero to somebody.

13.) Read the newspaper.

Acting like a dumb girl went out of style a long time ago.

14.) The only person who will continuously put you first is yourself.

15.) You are a reflection of the company you keep. 

16.) Be transparent but don't over expose yourself.

17.) Know your goals and remember your dreams.

18.) Collect stationary.

Thank you cards never go out of style.

19.) No blessing is ever too small. Appreciate everything.

20.) Don't rush.

Slow down because at the end of the day jobs will still be there, love will come, and things will fall into place. I'm in no rush to grow up.

October 1, 2012

Making Flaws your Greatest Assets

We all have things about ourselves that we are not the most proud of. But I think if you can own your talents you should be able to be proud of your flaws. I actually embrace my flaws and talk about them more than my strengths. I’ll explain:

You know your senior year in high school when you vote on Best Hair, Most Likely to Succeed, Best Car, etc, etc? Well in the back of my yearbook you will see that I was overwhelmingly voted Biggest Gossiper. Now back then I got a lot of side looks for this title but I was so happy because I knew deep down this could help me down the line. A year later when I started applying for summer editorial internships I put in my cover letter, “In high school I was voted Biggest Gossiper because I have to know all the facts to a story.” You see I’m not the type to spread rumors about other people but I need to know every side of a story. Whether it’s about who kissed who first or a political scandal, I need to know all the details or I don’t want to know the story at all. In the end every employer I interviewed with mentioned my cover letter and how they were so impressed about how authentic I was.

I could have easily hid my flaw but if I did that, how could I use it to my advantage? Flaws do not define you. If you have large ears claim it, don’t be embarrassed. Do you procrastinate? Flip it around & make it into the most positive thing about you. I believe a real person shows both their best and worst attributes to others and not just the side they want other people to admire.

September 27, 2012

It’s Up to Young Women to Vote

The primary reason why women fought to get the right to vote in the late 1890’s and early 1900’s was not to be equal to men but because we are different from men. Female issues need expression and are men experts on these subjects? I think not. Now I don’t consider myself a full out feminist but as a proud History major I can tell you that in some ways women are still considered second class citizens in the U.S. Things such as real salary equality and health options will not magically come if women fail to express their voices.

Women between the ages of 18-23 can sometimes have a hard time seeing where they fit in the spectrum of politics. I know that’s how I feel. It’s hard for me to imagine that in 10 years I could have a family, career, substantial bills, and a ‘grown-up’ lifestyle. When I casted my first vote in the primary election when I turned 18, I felt empowered because I knew my vote could in some way impact my future.

Perhaps I don’t understand how someone can cast 10 votes for the VMA’s Best New Artist but “can’t find the time” to vote in the upcoming Presidential Election. Women in some other countries are hindered to get an education and voting in any capacity is not even a question for them. So if we live in a country where we have the opportunities to make a real difference, why don’t we take them?

Whether it’s your school’s SGA elections or on a measure at your local town hall meeting, just vote! But especially on November 6th head to your voting site. Don’t let the people older than us control our futures. 

September 24, 2012

Turning a Hobby into Success

Ever since I learned how to turn on a remote my life changed. I watch a lot of television. From a very early age I distinctively remember having a T.V. schedule for the shows I couldn’t miss. As I grew older many people said watching T.V. was a waste of my time and that I wasn’t doing anything productive. When I started college my counselors even tried to put me on a time management schedule where I had to cut out T.V. (craziness). But I knew that one day all my T.V. watching would pay off somehow.

Now I’m a reality television writer and one of the main requirements for my job is to watch my favorite shows and be actively engaged.When I applied for the position I listed 20+ shows I regularly watch and my company was so impressed. Could I have interviewed Real Housewives and had a chance to preview shows weeks before they premiered if I hadn’t watched T.V.? Probably not.

At the end of the day you can either sleep on your talent or work your hustle. No skill is useless. If you’re a great texter then enter a speed texting competition. Love to shop? Then become a personal shopper. So many people said my hobbies were stupid and if I had listened to them I probably wouldn’t be following my passions. 

Did you know in college one of Jim Henson’s professors told him there was no future in puppeteering? And look he created The Muppets

September 22, 2012

Failure is a Gift

Being an overachiever can look great for your resume but end up being terrible for your self-esteem. I think people are just afraid to fail or expect success from hard work and it doesn’t work like that. In my sophomore year in high school I tried out for my third play as a dancer in the musical You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. I made it through the entire audition process but didn’t get a part in the end. I was really hurt and even cried in the back of my drama class. A couple days later I went to my drama teacher and told her I still wanted to be involved in the production. I ended up becoming the Assistant Costume Designer and learned how to sew, take measurements, and the techniques of theater styling. A year later I became the lead designer for a 50+ person cast in Footloose.

You see if I had been cast as dancer I wouldn’t have saw the beauty in what it was like to work behind the scenes. So many doors opened up for me because I continued to be involved despite not getting the roles I hoped for. In my senior year I finally did become a dancer in my last musical. Costume design was never on my agenda or what I saw for myself. But honestly it was one of the best things for me to be involved in.

Failure is not a negative thing. It is only negative when you allow it to be. My failure created more opportunities for me. So when you don’t get the internship you applied for even though your interview went fantastic, don’t fret. When you try out for a team and already imagined how you would look in the uniform and get cut at the last minute, don’t fret. There is a reason for your disappointment and a better plan for you.

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